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As it is seen from its name FUE Gold is a method of using gold-tipped instruments. In the FUE method, which is the basis of the hair transplantation procedure, thin-tipped devices called ‘punch’ are used to collect bulb. While the punches are collecting graft from donor area they go under the skin by spiral movement and ensure the collecting procedures being applied. The method is called FUE Gold because this tip that enters the skin is gold plated.


Operations performed with the FUE Gold method are considered to be more advantageous and healthier than operations performed with other nips. As it is known, gold is a metal that does not harm human body and it is seen that it has even positive effects on skin health. Due to the fact that the punches are gold plated in this direction, side effects such as allergic reaction, infection and formation of scars are removed after hair transplantation operation.

If you want to have detailed informations about the application which are made by Dr. Serdar Çağlayan with FUE Gold Method and other hairless treatments you can contact with us immediately.