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FUE Bulb Taking Methods

Today’s technological possibilities have also made it possible to have important developments in hair transplantation. FUE technology, the most concrete example of these developments, ensures hair bulbs to be collected one by one, without cut in hair transplantation. Thus, using cut application; FUT technology, which causes more cosmetic impairments such as wound and scars, has been replaced by more modern, faster healing and highly successful FUE technology.

Of course the most important feature of FUE technology is the applied with taking bulb methods. In FUE technology micro-capped devices designed specifically for this procedure in the taking of hair bulbs are used. If we evaluate this technology in two phases as “collection” and “transplantation”; we can say that it is quite easy to apply and ensures high success rate for a hair transplantation process. In this context, grafts (part of skin containing hair bulb) are collected with micro capsules from the donor area are taken in the area with channels opened by micro knives again.

While these two basic steps are performed by cutting in old methods, thanks to the FUE technique, they are now operations without cut that have fast recovery after 6-8 hours from one session.

Collecting Bulb with Micromotor

In FUE technology, the hair collection phase is carried out through devices called micromotors. This device has a drill pin specially designed for the patient. The thickness of the needle tip varies between 0.5 and 0.8 mm, and the spiral-shaped tip goes under the skin ensures the collection process to be performed without damaging to the patient and the healthy hair bulb of the patient.

The collected grafts are taken into a special solution and the preservation of their vitality is ensured. The grafts obtained after the collection procedure are evaluated and, if there is an unhealthy or weak graft, they are removed from the transplantation. Grafts taken for hair transplantation operation need to be classified because they can have different sizes. In general, grafts taken from the donor region between the two ears have double, triple, quadruple hair bulbs. Single grafts are transplanted in the front of the head, and multiple grafts are transplanted to the back side of head. In addition to this , the collected and classified grafts are arranged in small edges called ‘punch’ in groups of 100, and the exact number of hair to be used in transplantation is determined. These informations are shared with the people who make hair transplantation operation performed by Dr. Serdar Çağlayan. Each punch is photographed so that the patient can see the hair to be transplanted.

If you want to have dense, healthy and bush hair with the FUE method performed by an specialized and experienced team led by Dr. Serdar Caglayan, you can contact us immediately.