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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is hair transplantation?

It is a surgical procedure which is applied to the hair loss area is a surgical procedure performed in the clinical setting of healthy hair follicles taken from a different point. In the beginning, these surgical procedures, in which the pieces of skin containing small hair are taken from the hairy regions and transferred to the bald areas, have been greatly improved in recent years. Thanks to the FUE and DHI techniques, the operations are performed much faster and the healing process is also very short. It is also an important reason that these methods provide a completely natural appearance after the healing process.

Hair transplantation operation is an operation that must be performed with professional team and equipment. If these conditions are met and you pay attention to the doctor’s suggestions for 6 months after the operation, your hair will be permanent. The success rate of hair transplantation operations performed in our clinics is 98%.

In Turkey Hair transplantation is the operation which is applied by medical cosmetic doctors, plastic surgery and dermatologist certified by the Ministry of Health. You should not have hair transplantation for people and institutions that do not have the necessary certifications to perform this operation.

It is suitable for hair tranplantation for every healthy woman and man who have adequate hair in the donor area where hair bulbs can be taken for hair transplantation.

Natural hair loss called ‘androgenic alopecia’ seen in men and women can be treated with hair transplantation. However, the shape of hair loss in women is different form men. In females there is no change in the frontal hairline, a common fall and thinning occurs in the hair above the head. In these patients hair transplantation is used to fill the thinned area. Apart from these, hair transplantation are also applied with hair loss seen with scar formation.

This application is performed in the place where is avaliable the complete set of equipment required for the application in sterile environment, and in hospital surgical medical centers or the application room in health care centers approved by the Ministry of Health.

As we are the team of Dr. As Serdar Çağlayan , we can undertake the organizational process in Istanbul for you. We meet you and your relatives at the airport and organize your transfers and accomodation. We also have 24/7 service throughout your trip with our assistants who can speak the same language with you.

Our team, who aim to welcome our guests in Istanbul in the best, tries to ensure this in every condition. If you give up the operation, it is enough to pay the accommodation and transfer costs.

Dr. Serdar Çağlayan performs hair transplantation operations in Germany Kiel, Holland Utrecht and Michigan, USA as well as in İstanbul clinic. According to our doctor’s program, we can determine the date of operation together with you and organize the whole process.

A hair analysis is performed by specialists before the operation of hair transplantation. The factors which cause hair loss are determined by these hair analyses. If the reason of the fall in this stage is permanent it (genetic, male hair loss) is suitable for planting. If the hair loss is caused by a disease, then the person is directed to the related clinic and first the disease is excluded and then the reason for hair loss is examined again. With an applied analysis, it is examined whether there is enough graft in donor area or not.

Before hair transplantation, the number of grafts which are taken according to type of hair emerges after hair loss and the resulting openness. The duration of hair transplantation operation is getting longer according to the number of grafts . Accordingly, a hair transplantation operation takes approximately 6-8 hours.

Local anesthesia is performed when the root is being collected and is applied by opening the canal before the hair plantation. After the application of local anesthesia, there is not any feel pain or ache in the operation process. If only local anesthesia is applied with an injector, very little pain can be felt due to this needle. This pain will decrease or increase with the knowledge and experience of the anatomy of the anesthetist. After the operation, the area where the application is made can be painful for a maximum of 48 hours, but this pain can also be suppressed with standard painkillers.

Yes, hair transplantation operation can be applied by sedetion technique during asleep.

In general, there is no age limit for hair transplantation operation. However, hair transplantation is not applied if the hair loss does not end. Hair transplantation can be done with parental permission for under 18 years if it is necessary.

Commonly preferred graft collecting areas in hair transplantation are the nape region on the ears and between the two ears. In terms of genetics, hair in this area is not tend to fall and protects its existence in life time. Besides, in cases where the donor area is not sufficient, hair transplantation can be applied with bulbs collected from different points of the body.

It is not possible to grow hair again in the area where hair bulbs are taken. In the operations performed with FUE and DHI technique, hair bulbs are collected one by one. Grafting is done not by concentrating on a region but by spreading to the entire donor region. There is not any sign of collecting in the donor area, it is not seen that the hair bulbs have been removed.

The most common preferred method of hair transplantation in the world and in Turkey is FUE . FUE; is the shortened call of transfer of obtained grafts ” Follucular Unit Extraction” . The hair on the back and sides of the scalp is removed at regular intervals and placed in the areas where the hair is falled. An older method, FUT, is increasingly rarely performed due to the need for an incision and the development of FUE. However, in some cases it must be preferable. In addition to these, the DHI method, which is performed with Choi Pen, is also one of the most preferred methods of hair transplantation in recent years. DHI; is ‘Direct Hair Implantation’ application. This method ensures more precise and accurate determination of the hair growth angle during transplantation, as soon as the social fast healing process and and returning to the social life . It is preferred by natural appearance. At the same time, hair transplantation can be done with shaving in this method.

As we pointed out, the FUT technique is a hair transplantation operation that has lost its update and requires surgical application. FUE technique is the most preferred method of hair transplantation. Both very fast healing is observed and it is not seen after hair removal or hair transplantation. In the DHI technique, the process lasts longer but the recovery process is much shorter and the apperance is more natural. However, in the DHI technique the process lasts longer and it is more difficult for the practitioner. At this point the choice between the FUE and DHI methods is made by the person himself.

In order to prevent pain and ache during the application of hair transplantation operations, the scalp is narcotised with local anesthesia. General anesthesia is not commonly used. On the other hand, in some cases, for example, if the patient is afraid of operation, by using the sedation technique, asleep condition is provided during the application period.

FUE technique is a medical tool used to collect grafts from a donor area in hair transplantation. According to the preference of the practitioner who will carry out the application, the study has a mechanism that can be settled. With the small tip “punch” located at the edge of the micromotor device, the loosening of the hair bulb is ensured and then the hair bulbs are collected one by one. Depending on the thickness of the person’s hair and their health condition, disposable punches are specially used in 0.4 or 0.8 millimeters.

Hair transplantation is the process of opening the channel which greatly affects the health of the hair to be transplanted and aesthetic in the furure. The direction of the duck opened by the physician effects the depth and angle of the duck, and the result that will be obtained after the operation.

FUE is the technique of hair transplantation, which does not require to open the duck. In this application, grafts collected via micromotor are placed in a special medical facility called ‘Choi Pen’, and then applied to the area where the transplantation will be done without need to open the duck.

For the protection of your current hair after hair transplantation, the platelet (platelet) cells taken from your own blood is applied into the hair with an injection. PRP; is an application based on the hypothesis of stimulation of stem cells in scalp. After the platelet cells are separated and concentrated by taking the patient’s own blood, it is applied to the hair by small injection. It is repeated with certain intervals. The growth factor released from these cells stimulates hair stem cells, esnsuring hair to grow thicker and longer.

If it is asked from you you must do the necessary blood tests. It is advised to wash your hair before coming. If you use regular alcohol, you should give up it at least three days before. If you are using blood thinners such as aspirin and anti-rheumatic drugs, you should stop 10 days before to avoid bleeding. In addition to this the person who will do transplantation should have stopped smoking or have already reduced smoking for a while ago. On the day of operation, the patient is recommended to eat light foods. It is not really necessary, but you can rest at home by organizing your program, taking a few days off work.

No. Dr. Serdar Caglayan must see you with your hair and plan hair transplantation accordingly. It may also be necessary to preserve the implemented area and even the long hair. In some cases, the hair transplantation must be applied without cutting. If it isnecessary, hair is shorten in the clinic.

Having a fine-woven hairline is not a hindrance to making hairplants. Because of the inability to camouflage the cultivated area, a second session can be recommended, and more grafts must be collected in these hair types.

We recommend that you slow down your life a little bit in this period. Because a few weeks after the procedure, you need to be away from intense physical movements. Also, sleeping on the back for the first 2-3 days and bandaging are important in terms of making faster the healing process. During this period, the helmet and beret should not be worn and the hair should not be cut with a tool other than scissors for 3 months.

Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and pain killers for you to use after hair transplantation operation. It is important for your doctor to use your medicine for the time and the amount he / she has prescribed to you, in order to get faster the healing process.

The best place for hairline can be determined by experience. The position of the line, the location of the fallled area are determined by the age of the patient and the amount of hair that can be taken. The main purpose is to create a natural line that is the appearance of the people throughout their lives.

Usually all hair grafts will grow. This ratio is 98-100%. Maybe in a few grafts hair may not grow often as desired, but this will not be any problem.

The transplanted hair usually starts to grow in 2 to 6 months. Hair fall may be seen in the first 2-3 weeks due to the procedure being performed. After a while the hair fall slows and new hair starts to grow. It is possible to achieve completely natural appearance in one year period.

If they were not take from their places they would be as long as they would.

The location of the one by one taken hair heal within a few days. The very tiny point of view is easily covered by the hair around it.

We can wash our head 2-3 days after the procedure. In the first 5 washings, it is only necessary to wash and rinse the areas that are shipped with a shampoo suitable for sensitive volumes. However, after the 10th day, the normal washing order is passed.

If there is such a possibility and hair falls, a second application may be required by taking the hair from the donor area.

No. Even if you do it before, transplantation will prevent severe image changes that hair loss will lead.

Of course. There are several corrective treatments for problems that arise for medical reasons. If the aesthetic desired result is not achieved, the sessions can be repeated.