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Facial Aesthetics

If we have to explain the importance the face for us in a single sentence, it will be adequate to say, “Our face is our identity.”

Although we know that it is wrong to judge people by only looking at the appearance, research shows that our face is a mirror reflects us almost. Our face which has information about our personality and our health is the most important and valuable part of us that we use our mimics, express our feelings and enable people to recognize and understand us.

For all these reasons, the appearance of our face is of great significance for each of us. Facial aesthetic applications also stand out as methods that we can apply to when we need and we can express ourselves in the right way. Modern medicine techniques ensure very fast and lasting results, while wrinkles that ocur with aging, innate aesthetic disorders, wound and scars, unpleasant deformations are removed by facial aesthetic applications.

Facial Aesthetica with Modern Techniques

Develeoping technological possibilities have enabled us to have important possibilities for facial aesthetics. Facial aesthetics, especially applied with surgical techniques that have gotten great popularity in the 90’s, can now be applied with a few taps and sometimes even a few drops of injection. Thanks to today’s methods, both face rejuvenation are ensured and operational risks are reduced to minimum level.

A person who is thinking to have a facial aesthetic should firstly talk to a specialist doctor in his field. When the person requesting the application tells his demands in this pre interview the specialist doctor will take the relevant demand for evaluation. This process goes in a mutual agreement, and the person who will have make the aesthetic operation and doctor decide on the operation and the application that can best meet the expectation. It should not be forgotten that plastic surgery is a very sensitive field. You must be keep away from applications that are made by people without being expert and informed in his field. Otherwise, you can have to stand the unexpected consequences ,undesirable and permanent loss of your beauty.

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To Which Operations can be applied?

The aesthetic facial application that you will decide with your specialist doctor can change depending on the region in your face and the purpose of the operation. In general, the aesthetic applicants can be listed as follows:

● Rhinoplasty
● Ear Reforming
● Eyelid Reforming
● Face Lifting

Each of the applications should be carried out in full control of a specialist doctor in the field. The tools used during the operation, the environment in which the operation is performed, the materials to be used and the application procedures must be certified and approved. Under these conditions, you can change any factor that you do not like in your facial aesthetic and you can make it get your desired shape.