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FUE Technology

What is FUE Technology?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), which is regarded as a gift of modern medicine in hair transplantation, is a method to ensure the natural appearance of your hair painless, fast and comfortably. The FUE method is a surgical application, but knife is not used in this application, it does not require suture, it lasts in shorter time than other surgical applications. In this method, devices called as “micromotor” are used to take bulb. This technique; can be applied to both women and men without a cut or scar. As both the operation and the healing process are quite fast in the FUE technique, this technique is preferred today in hair transplantation applications.

Manner of Application

By means of the micromotors used in the application with the FUE technique, grafts (hair bulb and a structure with some skin) to be used in hair transplantation are collected from the donor area. In collection application by micro-capped tools hair must be short. With this application, hair bulb are removed with quick and small movements, graft collection application is completed without any scar or suture.

Advantage of Application

● Before the FUE technology, operations were performed with the FUT method by taking scalp from the nape region with cutting. In FUE technology, hair bulbs are collected one by one through micromotors and are prepared for Thus, the process is completed without any wound or suture marks.

● In application, healthy, fresh and strong hair bulb in the nape region are selected one by one.

● In the hair transplantation operations performed with FUE technique, the donor area heals in short time and there is not any scar.

● Hair bulb in different regions of the body can be collected by FUE technique and used in hair transplantation.

● As it is collected only from the targeted area during application, the surrounding hair tissue and strand are not damaged.

Hair Transplantation with FUE Technique

Grafts which are collected from the donor area with the FUE method are taken under protection and their viability is preserved. After the collection procedure has finished, the donor area is cleaned with solution and covered with bandages against various complication risks. Once collection is completed, preparation for transplantation begins and the area of the patient where the hair transplantation is applied is anesthetized by local. After anesthesia, grooving is performed with micro-blads. The ducts are in 0.5-0.8 mm and hair bulb are placed in the opened ducts.

Application of FUE Technique in Women

For cosmetic reasons many women do not want to shorten their hair while benefiting from the FUE technique in hair transplantation. In this situation, our doctors use the aperture technique for women who want to have hair transplantation. In this technique, while only the hair in the donor area is shortened, the grafts are collected without loss of aesthetics and the donor area is covered with leaved long hair.

You can immediately contact here with Dr. With Serdar Caglayan’s 25 years of experience in hair transplantation to take advantage of this possibility which is ensured by modern medicine and you can have this natural and healthy hair as soon as possible.