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DHI Direct Hair Implantation

Direct Hair Implementation (DHI) technique is one of the most prefered methods of hair transplantation in the modern era. The DHI method, which is applied by collection and transplantation of grafts as in FUE technology, is an operation that comes through in shorter time than FUE. In practice, a medical item called “Choi” is used in the transplantation of grafts.

Implantation of the hair is performed without cut, suture, wound as in the FUE technique. One of the biggest advantages of this method is the more intensive and more frequent transplantation of the hair. So denser hair and natural appearance are achieved.

In the transplantation with DHI technique it does not require shaving. One of the most important features of this method is that it ensures the hair to be transplanted without shaving. The DHI method is often preferred in recent years, with advantages such as fast recovery process and fast get back to social life

Application Steps

In DHI technique there is no need to open the channel like the FUE technique. The medical pen called Choi, which is used for hair transplantation, does not need a separate step to open the canal because it performs all of these tasks alone. Because the application pen is thin enough to place directly in the hair bulb. As the canal opening and the hair transplantation are applied at the same time, the hair angle can be determined more precisely.

Collecting Graft

n the DHI technique, local anesthesia is first applied to the donor area and hair bulbs which are collected are prepared for the transplantation. After the hair bulbs are loosen they are ready for process. Thanks to the micromotor, one of the latest technological tools used in hair transplantation, the bulbs are removed without any damage. The hair is collected as grafts through the special pen of the micromotor application. The number of grafts to be collected is determined according to the hair type and the first stage is completed by collecting a sufficient number of grafts.

Hair Transplantation

The collected grafts are transplantated without waiting. The most important advantage of the application at this point is that the grafts are not kept waiting and thus their vitality is preserved in very high level. The application begins with a specially defined frontal hairline, and the grafts with a thin-tipped medical pen are placed in a natural growing side of your hair and proper to angle of your hair. After 5 to 8 hours of operation, hair transplantation is completed.

Natural Result

Full control of the depth, direction and angle of each graft means 100% natural result, maximum vitality and implanted hair will never fall and will grow in life time.

Anesthesia devices are used without using of needles for the application and the donor site is prepared by the injection technique. Depending on the choice of the person, anesthetic injection or sedation can be used.

Hair bulbs are collected from donor area.

Taken hair bulbs are placed one by one in Choi Pen.

The collected hair bulbs are placed carefully on the scalp, determined by the specialist physician and transplantation angle and direction, without opening the canal in the area to be transplanted. (Determination of the side of the transplantation is based on the previous hair side of the person who made the hair transplantation.)

Operation is completed with minimum 4 Choi Pen and 15 Choi Pen tip. Used Choi Pen tip is determined according to the hair bulbs of person and thickness of hair.

Advantages of DHI Technique

There is not any cut or orifice during the operation. Although it takes longer time than FUE and hard it has fast recovery.
In hair transplantation it is possible to thick transplantation of hair bulbs and application is made one by one for each hair bulb. It is possible to transplante between 6.000-7.000 hair bulbs in the transplanted area.
Transplantation shows higher success rate in determination of natural hair line than other techniques.
As is is not required to open duct it has shorter waiting period compared to other techniques the hair bulb loss is in the lowest level.
Hair transplantation angle and direction are determined easily and it does not give harm to hair tissue.

What must be taken into consideration?

In Direct Hair Transplantation (DHI) technique, hair must be protected against pressure after application. After application, the regeneration rate is quite high and cortexts are falled after crusting has maximum a week. The hair placed with DHI passes to a severe period of fall during the 1 month period after application. The fall slows down after a while and new hair begins to form at the end of the 90th day. The hair rate reaches 70% after 180 days. When a period of one year is completed, all new hair is growed and natural appearance is achieved.

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