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What is Greft?

In medical a graft means an aliquot that is taken from one place to be transported to another place . In the process of hair transplantation, it refers to the tissue part of hair bulb to be transplanted. One of the most important factors for healthy and successful operation of FUE and DHI techniques, which are the fastest and easiest methods of hair transplantation, is the number of grefts.
Grafts and hair bulb are commonly mixed with each other. However, here is the considered point; While the hair bulb belongs to singular strand, the graft is a part of skin in which many bulbs are together. In a graft, how many hair bulb are found can vary from person to person. There are commonly 2-3 hair bulb in a graft, and in some people it is seen that this number has increased to 4-5.

The place of Graft in Hair Transplantation

As the number of grafts taken from the person to whom the operation will be performed and the number of hair bulb in the graft are more and more strong, so the success rate in the place where the operation is performed will increase and the covering rate will increase.

With professional tools used in FUE and DHI techniques, grafts are collected one by one from the donor area and separated into hair bulb and made ready for transplantation. After collection application, in case of not having any deterioration in the structure and not losing the liveness of the grafts , they are kept until the transplantation time are put into a special solution.

Before passing to the operation graft is calculated and so the number of graft which will be transplanted is determined. Graft number which will be used in transplantation is determined according to hair style and collection application is made according to this. Before collecting application calculation has been applied on the nape with hair by operator and collecting operation will be started after that.

Determining the Transplanted Graft Number

The number of grafts which must be taken for hair transplantation vary according to the required place of person. Within this scope if you ask for treatment, you must show your hair type to our doctors.

If you want to determine your hair type before examination and learn the number of grafts to be transplanted according to hair loss, you can look at the following images.

As the number of grafts is an element that determines the price of the operation, you can send us your photos from the side, front, top and back of your hair before transplantation in our clinic. Our doctors will review the photos that you have sent and they will give response to you as soon as possible and inform you which hair type you have, how many grafts must be collected, and other details about the operation.

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