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Hair Transplantation in Women

Women have hair loss at a lower rate than men. However, from a cosmetic point of view, factors such as bush, length and health of hair are more commonly regarded by women. It is also important for women to change their appearance from aesthetic point of view by using their hair in various models and shapes. For this reason, it is possible that they would be more affected psychologically and sociologically in case of hair loss. The hair loss that occurs in females is different from men in general. Male type hair loss is called “hormonal causes” and these changes are common among women during pregnancy and menopausal periods. On the other hand, hair loss can be seen among women because various drug uses can lead to this change.

Above all, women may benefit from hair transplants when they think that there is a decrease in the hair on the front ear area, if they encountered with burning or scarring, or when they want to move hair lines further.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is performed by using FUE or DHI technology. With these operations, healthy hair roots are taken over the nape or ear called the donor region and placed in the region to be transplanted. Our women patients may be worried about shaving hair even temporarily to be seen aesthetically unpleasent. But no need to worry. Because in the hair transplantation operations performed with FUE and DHI techniques, the abbreviation is made in the form of a window so that enough graft would be taken from the donor area. As the long hair closes on this region, the region with the short hair is invisible and there is no problem in terms of aesthetics.

For more information on hair transplant techniques, you can browse our titles FUE Technology and DHI direct hair transplant. If you want to get an immediate response to your questions about your hair, you can contact us here.